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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loosen Up and Get it Together

Just back from my daily swim, and as you will see, swimming plays a rather significant part of my thinking and philosophy on life, but all in good Time.

Putting one's thoughts out to the public is like painting a bulls-eye on your forehead which reads, "here I am, take your best shot." And, you have no one but yourself to blame if someone gives it a shot. But, that's part of taking responsibility.

Over the years I have been criticized for being too "analytical" (why can't you just enjoy "fill in the blank"?) or, on the contrary, I have been criticized for trying to make too many connections (did anyone say, "Indra's Net"?) in things that, by the Dog, should not be together. Orthodoxy.

Aren't people great?

To this, I say, you are both right, and wrong.

These two processes are not discreet, they are part of a larger process for me.

Ana-lysis, from the Greek, is a chemistry term, meaning "to loosen up" something, while syn-thesis means to "put it together."

When something goes wrong, or right in life, it does us great benefit to ana-lyze what went right or wrong, so that we either don't make the same stupid mistake over and over, expecting different results, or we learn what not to do. How is that a bad thing?

Then, when we've cleaned up our mess of taking everything apart, don't leave it around for others to trip on. My daughter does this sometimes. She is five, she has an excuse.

Then, we put it back together. But, here's the rub. People might say, "but, it's broken, you can't." No, you can't, but you can still make something from it, but something different, even if it is the same pieces of the former whole. I don't go for the word "broken." I prefer "altered."

Oh, by the way, I can just enjoy "fill in the blank," ask my daughter ;-).

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