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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Manufacturing Discontent


  1. Sir
    u have posted pic of poverty stricken india. Y dont u post pic depicting posh and luxurious life.

  2. @sumi.c
    Thank you for your comment, though I heartily disagree with what you say. Many of these pictures are taken in middle class neighborhoods of Madurai and are part of my daily life. Very few of them are of the poverty-stricken India that I have actually seen. Posh and luxury does not mean better, I am afraid. These are initial impressions of an outsider of India. In my eyes, India is incredibly rich in many, many ways, and for me I don't see that it needs to be with wealth. Fancy cars I have seen in Italy. Big houses in Texas. Disgusting displays of wealth to me are quite often much less appealing than the reality of everyday life in Madurai. Please stick around, Indra's Net will cover all aspects of Indian life that I am able to see while here.

  3. U r quite rite sir. I opine dat depicting only d hard lives wil create a wrong impression dat most of d people are poor which is not true. A mason is paid more dan a school teacher. D difference is education.educated consider such jobs as menial and deny it